WIP: Ice Cream Scoops

Somebody kindly PMed me on Etsy about making an extra blue ice cream scoop ring to add to a possible listing, so I made it out of Delight air dry clay. Btw, it's super lightweight and blending it with acrylic or craft paints made it slightly sticky.

Fail on the rainbow sherbet since I made the "red" look like it was bright red with too much paint. 

Last month, I also got Sailor Moon Vol. 6 and Age Called Blue (by Est Em)!!! Also got a jewelry box that I need to fill up. I never uploaded the pic from my camera until now. I didn't realize how much of the Sailor Moon canon got mixed up with the anime... like Haruka was portrayed as a guy for like half of the book, while in the anime, it's implied that she's a girl with the appearance of Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus right away.

Taken as I was moving stuff into my apartment...
PS I am planning on opening a Storenvy shop as another storefront to promote my Etsy. I will be putting up my expired listings from Etsy up there and now I'm customizing CSS to make it look nice and shiny~ It's a pain in the butt to learn but I'll be putting up a How to Customize Storenvy for Beginners tutorial after I open up the shop.

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