New decoden listings on Etsy!

Here's an update with all of the things that I've made last month related to decoden. I've also added some pics from Instagram that are related too~ It was my first time trying "chocolate" silicone and I think it turned out fabulously on the case with lots of chocolate. I just need to make more brown deco pieces to make another case someday and I can always use mini chocolate chip cookies in any deco theme!

Success with 3 cases!!!
SOLD! The buyer got it as a Valentine's Day present... how sweet! 
Chocolate OVERLOAD!!!
Deco mirrors from Forever 21 (pink hearts) and Taobao (cookies)
Pink deco box, not listed yet

Purple Deco Box, not listed yet
Homemade resin cabochons from molds
I never sent it to Instagram, but here's a decoden book that I bought at Mitsuwa in Chicago.
I want to try making that...

This lunch box looks super cute! 
And this book is full of super inspiring examples and tutorials


My small haul from Mitsuwa Chicago
(yes, I love REAL and wanted a hard copy of SBR since it was my first Jojo series)


  1. Wow, adorable and beautiful cases!

  2. You made these?!?! Amazing iphone cases ;o;!!!

  3. How much are the magazines at the Mitsuwa in Chicago? I've wanted to go and buy some!

  4. First time commenting here but I have to say that I love your Iphone cases! I'd love to see more! :D