International Lolita Day 2013

This past Saturday was International Lolita Day. This "holiday" for lolitas is a tradition that popped up and it occurs on the first Saturday of December and the first Saturday of June. Although I enjoy wearing lolita, I always take tons of time to get ready and always end up being 30-45 minutes late to a meetup. There should be a setting on Facebook for extremely late people like me that makes an event 30 minutes earlier than it actually occurs. >_>

Here's some pics with other girls in my community (we had a mini meetup at the Milwaukee Public Market and it had amazing Christmas decorations!)

Taken as we were leaving~ These lovely lolitas (Beck & Jeanette) are some of the best dressed in the comm!

OP: Akane & Alois
Headdress: Rococo Soul
Shoes: Dolce by Mojo Moxy (DSW)
Everything else: Offbrand
If you're interested in getting the booties that I was wearing, you can get black, grey, silver, or tan!

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