Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Old School Meetup

Hello again~ This past few weeks have been busy with meetups. On Sunday, I carpooled with Alli and Junné from Milwaukee to Illinois. The theme of the meetup was Old School Lolita! I had fun since I am really into headdresses nowadays. It took place at High Tea with Gerri in Long Grove, IL!

This meetup was nostalgic for me since I learned about lolita in 2009? That was when I got my first Gothic Lolita Bible from a random magazine store. The tea was actually pretty expensive for the amount of food that I got, but we definitely enjoyed the atmosphere and decorations!

I was super pumped for the vintage atmosphere~

The furniture even matches!

Quaint paintings too!

Jam and butter for the scones

A miniature tea set!

Snacks to accompany English tea

I really enjoyed the tea~

MKE Lolitas! Me, Alli, Junné, and Sara!

~Thank you for reading~

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival - Who Inspires You in Lolita

Happy New Year! One of my goals for 2015 is to blog more and participate in Lolita Blog Carnival, a network of lolita fashion bloggers who focus on a topic each week! I will also post my wardrobe eventually (on Pinterest right now). Now onto this week's topic...

Image feat. my fave indie brands & lolitas (Krad Lanrete: fairy-emily, ?, chokelate; Surface Spell)


My friends from Milwaukee Lolita Society (and Chigothloli by extension) are my easiest and closest inspiration! They range from sweet to classic to gothic. None of us are well known, but hopefully you get some inspiration too~
Sara - her makeup is always on point, classy as fuck, and great classic outfits!

Jeanette - she's the mod of my comm, always wearing inspirational outfits & everyday lolita!
Also, a prime example of the evolution of a lolita (bodyline to burando!)

Beck (weeaboo-kei)- she wears sweet lolita and otome, friends with my taobao addiction

Classic Lolitas

Kavya (xylia-x) - Australian lolita who wears Innocent World like no other!
She is always elegant in her coordinates and can make anything look perfect

Xiaoyu (victorianme) - Chinese lolita who goes to college in NYC~
She does photoshoots from time to time to make OTT classic a thing!

Karine (mysubarashiilolidays/blog) - a Brazilian lolita who makes anything look good.
Play the "Is that Bodyline?" game with her outfit photos and you'll be surprised!

Gothic Lolitas

Marie Tuonetar (siriusc/blog) - a French lolita with a gothic flair~ 
I love the way she takes photos & edits them to look like vintage photographs. 

Tamie (tamie-love) - she is like the onee-san that every lolita wants~
She wears hime and ero lolita in the best of ways and her outfits are always on point.

I hope you found some new favorite lolitas to follow! If you want to see others' inspo, see the links below!

じゃあ、またね〜 (Until next time!)

Check out this week's bloggers!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chicago Megameet 2014

Took place in Chinatown in Chicago, IL this year!
This year I went to the annual megameet in Chicago! It is hosted by the wonderful mods of Chigothloli, who reserved the Pagoda area in Ping Tom Park in Chinatown for the picnic. We ended up sitting in the grass since the water taxi people kept wandering straight up into our personal space. I carpooled with lolitas from Milwaukee and we got there a bit late, but luckily saw another Chicago lolita walking towards the destination while we were parking.

Let me tell you about Chigothloli... they had a pretty quiet year after some drama happened before I joined a year ago. The people that I met through the group were all very nice and a great majority of the comm is from the Chicago suburbs. Chicago comm just got some new mods who are working very hard to make sure that more meetups happen!!!

Let me start out with an coordinate shot video that I made from this meet!

Here are some pics from the meet!

Remember to bring your picnic blankets~

See those people beyond the tape... gawking like crazy!
Rachel and Heather (chunlichan)!

Another Chicago lolita, Kathy, and Helen!

Group photo! Everyone looked great!

Nina (dutch bunnies) and Mita!

Danielle (Frozen Rose Cosplay) and me!

Himani, a Chicago lolita, and Amy!

Jola and Emma!

Extra cute... Molly (Dream Princess) twinned with her sister!

Caitlin (Sugared Tea / stellarkei) with her dapper boyfriend!

Friday, July 25, 2014

PROMO: Moments like Diamonds Giveaway

Just wanted to share this for the chance to win a DSLR! Although I have narrowed down my options for newer nice cameras like the Nikon 1 J1 or Canon PowerShot SX170 so it's less than $200 new/used, I would love to get a free camera. I have followed this blogger for quite a while and make sure to read about her weight loss story... it's such an inspiration!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Recent Haul: Taobao Group Order!

I recently finished up a Taobao group order with some lolitas within my community. I didn't end up buying lolita this time. Instead, I focused on mori girl stuff and accessories. I was very disappointed that several of the things that I wanted were out of stock, like the Sailor Moon sweatshirt and Madoka grief seed necklaces.

I'm currently using Transbao as a shopping service, which has a 5% shopping service fee and they are 10/10 on communication! My agent replies back instantly on Skype and you're constantly updated on your order! You need an invitation code to join! Use kpossibles to join and share in the goodness of an easy shopping service~

Onto the Haul!!!

Pusheen replica pillow

Blue flower skirt

Mori girl skirt

Cards print mini skirt

Mori girl skirt

Little Dipper underskirt

Kawaii tissue box

Mori girl cover up

Madoka wall decal

10 x usamimi (pigtails)

Schoolgirl uniform (didn't fit so I will be selling it)

Oversize sweater from schoolgirl uniform

Lolita beret! So cute~

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