Monday, April 7, 2014

Silversark Fashion Show 2014: Legacy

March was full of fun, especially with Silversark's S/S fashion show, Legacy! I went to Timothy Westbrook's fashion show (saying goodbye to winter with his Ice Princess themed collection) and then Silversark's show (Byzantine and Orthodox themed collection).

Silversark is based in Milwaukee, WI and sells her brand online on Etsy and in store at Embellishments.

From her Facebook page:
Lords & Ladies Lolita, Rococo, Steampunk & Victorian-inspired clothing & accessories. Each piece is custom, hand-crafted, & one-of-a-kind!
She is always open for commissions, so feel free to PM her about pricing. Her items are usually on the high end of indie brand and you should be selective to get something in your particular style.

All the models at the end of the show

Silversark in her Hieronymus Bosch Garden of Earthly Delights dress

Me, Maddie, and Jen after the show

Silly pics~

With the lovely Silversark! She wears lolita fashion and Steampunk!

Closeup on the extraordinary headpiece by Deborah Olson Milliner Extraordinaire

Pic of my outfit after I got home; dress by Silversark

Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY Kotatsu Tutorial from IKEA Coffee Table

So my long hiatus was due to procrastination as usual. But fear not! I actually made something in one day (?!) and it's my kotatsu! Although it was initially very daunting to complete such a project, it was made just in time for the polar vortex to hit Wisconsin. ^_^;

Maru the Cat loves his kotatsu!

What is a Kotatsu?

Cute kotatsu inspiration from Tumblr

A kotatsu (炬燵) is a coffee table with a special heater attached to the bottom of the tabletop and has a futon blanket draped over it. Originally from Japan and actually a way of saving energy in the winter! Cuddle up in one room and not spend all that money for heating bills for the huge house/apartment? And if you have cats, they love snuggling under the warm table.


Total Cost

$74 (heater w/shipping) + $30 (table) + $3 (washers and L brackets) = $107
TOTALLY cheaper than getting ripped off by jlist~


Kotatsu Instructions
  1. Assemble IKEA Lack coffee table! Cut off 15cm off the table legs before starting so it will be a comfortable height when sitting.
  2. To align your heater in the center of the table, mark out thirds and place tape or draw in pencil lines to fit the heater.
  3. Place the heater in the center on the bottom of the table.
  4. Get your drill out! Drill holes where the L bracket hits the table (can also perform with step 6).
  5. Washers and L brackets bought from Walmart.
  6. Place your L brackets in alignment with the screw holes in the heater and manually tighten the heater screws. Screw in the regular screws into the table.
  7. Turn your new kotatsu right side up on your rug, put a comforter on top, and put the shelf that came with the IKEA table as your tabletop. Plug in the electrical cord and turn it on!
Please be careful and don't leave your kotatsu on & unattended!
NOTE: Another thing to consider is getting a transformer to stay safe with voltage conversion. Japan has a different voltage than the United States so anything plugged in here from Japan gets hotter more quickly! I've been running my kotatsu on the lowest heat setting so far without a transformer, but please consider getting one! 
VCT VT-500J - Japanese Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer Converts Japan 100 Volts To 110V OR Vice Versa - 500 Watt [link]

More Tutorials

  • Build an American-Style Kotatsu [link]
  • IKEA Hack: Kotatsu [link]
  • Kotatsu: The Heated Small Space Desktop [link]
  • The Kotatsu Project [link]

I hope you are inspired to make your own kotatsu! My instructions are not too detailed so make sure to check the first tutorial link for more in-depth steps.

Originally, I didn't shorten the legs and the default height was too tall so I brought the legs to Home Depot and a very nice employee helped me saw them into the right size. The LACK table legs are hollow and the cut was slightly crooked so I just cut out cardboard squares to make the table level and prevent scratching on the floor. Later, I switched to another comforter so it's a boring blue color now. However, it's super easy to make a duvet out of cute fabric! I ended up getting chair cushions and a floor rug for my room too.

Did you end up making a kotatsu? Please share your pictures of it in the comments!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Years Resolution Lolita Edition

Hello! So this post was supposed to be for Lolita Blog Carnival in the end of December but that passed a while ago. So here's my short post of lolita related new years resolutions!

  • In addition to losing 20 lbs by June for my cousin's wedding, keep up the healthy eating and 150 minutes of exercise each week!
    • ultimately lead to smaller measurements so I can wear more lolita
  • Wear lolita at least 2x per month
  • Blog about a Lolita Blog Carnival topic EVERY MONTH

  • Stick to 1 major lolita purchase each month
    • I need to pay off the bills from my 2013 purchases (went overboard with building a wardrobe fever)
  • Finish my side project of a Lolita Community Directory (worldwide!) 
  • Save up for PMX in November 2014
    • girls from my community are planning this out 11 months in advance
  • Go to ACEN fashion show and tea party this year
    • I cannot believe I missed this last year

Here's to a great 2014!

Metamorphose 2013 Winter Lucky Pack (Dark) Opening!

Hi guys, I really wanted to share this really belated post because this is my first lucky pack purchase EVER!

I was lucky and ordered early enough to pick the color of my blouse (black) to go with my wardrobe and dark LP. I received an email confirmation of my order on Dec. 19th BUT I just received the shipping and tracking confirmation on Jan. 6th (they were closed due to Christmas & New Years).

Metamorphose doesn't skimp on sending out items quickly (it got sent via EMS on Dec. 26th and arrived at my place in Wisconsin, USA on Dec.31st!!!).

I managed to peel off the label to keep the bag!
Everything wrapped in plastic as usual~
Contents! Very pleased with the selection~
I dub thee "dick" socks - from Magical Painting series
Candy Star Rabbit navy skirtIdk the real name of this blouse
(but back shirring is very generous!)

Duffel bag Crown cameo necklace Swan cameo barrette

Did you get the Meta winter lucky pack? I hope you were lucky in your fukubukuro finds~

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Japanese Article in English on Decoden

While I was reading up on a chubby shironuri interview, I looked at the other articles and I found an article in English about a junior high schooler who does fake food deco! She sounds super talented. Although I haven't been doing much decoden lately, I will be working on it more since I am planning on taking next semester off to work. Hopefully I will be energized enough to go back to school in the fall~

Here's the link:

Monday, December 9, 2013

International Lolita Day 2013

This past Saturday was International Lolita Day. This "holiday" for lolitas is a tradition that popped up and it occurs on the first Saturday of December and the first Saturday of June. Although I enjoy wearing lolita, I always take tons of time to get ready and always end up being 30-45 minutes late to a meetup. There should be a setting on Facebook for extremely late people like me that makes an event 30 minutes earlier than it actually occurs. >_>

Here's some pics with other girls in my community (we had a mini meetup at the Milwaukee Public Market and it had amazing Christmas decorations!)

Taken as we were leaving~ These lovely lolitas (Beck & Jeanette) are some of the best dressed in the comm!

OP: Akane & Alois
Headdress: Rococo Soul
Shoes: Dolce by Mojo Moxy (DSW)
Everything else: Offbrand
If you're interested in getting the booties that I was wearing, you can get black, grey, silver, or tan!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Favorite Japanese Street Snap Blogs

In September, I had some major fun outings with my local lolita comm and Japanese Club! Going out to eat at a Japanese restaurant (hibachi, which is actually an American concept of teppanyaki), going on a brewery tour in lolita, and eating southern style food in the Midwest for dinner. I've also been buying accessories off taobao through Taobaotrends (shipped!). My Taobao GO from my comm also got shipped (we waited for some dresses to get made... orz) Other things in the mail is my dream print~ It's the Chess Story Marriage D'Amour High Waist Skirt! I've always regretted not paying full price when it popped up on the fb sales group.

Speaking of fashion, I follow a few Japanese Street Snap blogs that are well known amongst Tumblr jfashion fans! Do you like street fashion? I hope that you'll decide to follow them too soon~

Japanese Streets
This website is the oldest out of the bunch? It is the one that I followed first when looking for street snap blogs online. The most well known monthly magazine is FRUiTS, which spread the word around the world with its compilation books (1, 2). You can get it at cdjapan or Yesasia (cdjapan is actually cheaper than buying it through Kinokuniya, although the wait is longer for SAL shipping)

Tokyo Fashion
This is one of the more well-known street fashion blogs on tumblr, partially because it has collaborations/photoshoots with style icons like Minori (shironuri) & Hirari Ikeda (jfashion, model). They also do "feature" articles of fashion parties and events around Japan (mostly Harajuku). Harajuku Fashion Walk has been photographed for a long while too! It helps that it has an official tumblr to share the pictures. I always take inspiration from the avant garde hairstyles and fashion.

Tokyo Faces
This blog just got on my radar recently since they probably took some photos of lolita, cult party kei or fairy kei girls. I ended up following them because they have an RSS feed! They also have a tumblr~

This is a curated blog of street fashion all around Japan (not just Harajuku!) by the Japan Fashion Association. You get a ton of different fashion styles like crazy OTT Harajuku or The only downfall of this website is that you cannot subscribe via an RSS feed nor do they have a Facebook page...

A newly found addition for me, it's been around for a while. Somebody reblogged a repost of the photos and this site is fresh and has an open feeling to their photographs~ They are also really fast at retweeting stuff (like a minute after I tweeted about it, they retweeted me! O_o;) People join their page and tweet their coord to @ridsnap and it gets retweeted? The best way to keep track of this site is through their Facebook page!

Another find while looking for more street fashion blogs. It's quite nice and has a gritty real feel compared to the other ones mentioned earlier. Street Snap
Wow, I really like the styles in this blog! I love that it has a girl with a tiger head backpack on one of the snaps~ Every snap has such a clean look to it.

Want More?

This has a list of various street snap blogs/websites. It is pretty comprehensive but I gotta hate the Comic Sans~
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