Chicago Megameet 2014

Took place in Chinatown in Chicago, IL this year!
This year I went to the annual megameet in Chicago! It is hosted by the wonderful mods of Chigothloli, who reserved the Pagoda area in Ping Tom Park in Chinatown for the picnic. We ended up sitting in the grass since the water taxi people kept wandering straight up into our personal space. I carpooled with lolitas from Milwaukee and we got there a bit late, but luckily saw another Chicago lolita walking towards the destination while we were parking.

Let me tell you about Chigothloli... they had a pretty quiet year after some drama happened before I joined a year ago. The people that I met through the group were all very nice and a great majority of the comm is from the Chicago suburbs. Chicago comm just got some new mods who are working very hard to make sure that more meetups happen!!!

Let me start out with an coordinate shot video that I made from this meet!

Here are some pics from the meet!

Remember to bring your picnic blankets~

See those people beyond the tape... gawking like crazy!
Rachel and Heather (chunlichan)!

Another Chicago lolita, Kathy, and Helen!

Group photo! Everyone looked great!

Nina (dutch bunnies) and Mita!

Danielle (Frozen Rose Cosplay) and me!

Himani, a Chicago lolita, and Amy!

Jola and Emma!

Extra cute... Molly (Dream Princess) twinned with her sister!

Caitlin (Sugared Tea / stellarkei) with her dapper boyfriend!

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