Dollar Tree Deals!!! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Today when I went back home from work, I stopped by the Dollar Tree. Did you know that it's the best place for deals on decoden items when it's approaching Valentine's Day? There were so many PINK things as you enter the store!!! The tin with hearts is the same cost as a small tin at Michaels…
So many things for $1 each!!!
Also, I found Bouncing Putty, which you can make molds out of. If you want to buy some through me, just send me an email? But you can buy it online for $6 + shipping here. It costs WAYYYYYYY less than Amazing Mold Putty, which I tried once and made some glitter resin charms that are on my deco items. Amazing Mold Putty was much more useful for molds than Sculpey Mold Maker, which kinda sucks but still works for molds. Another mold-maker is Oyumaru, a reusable plastic modeling compound. [review] I ordered Oyumaru for $6 from atinyobsession on Etsy! If you live in Asia, it's much, much cheaper from review that I've read, but that's the lowest price that I found online.
Have you tried using Bouncing Putty for molds? :D
Here is a helpful youtube tutorial explaining how to make a mold!

PS I found Mawaru Penguindrum macarons online!!! I loved watching that show and this brings back memories of the first episode… They are so cute~
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  1. Awesome post! I'm trying to find some bouncing putty around my area today!