Charm Update #2 (rainbow cupcakes galore)

I've finally gotten the hang of using Deviantart to promote the things that I've made (aka using Groups and using to upload many things at once) That is why there's a different watermark on most of the pictures. Please visit my dA (phamalama) if you would like to favorite something~

Also, I made a kawaii/decoden specific tumblr OH MY KOKORO so please follow me there!

Everything is made of Sculpey! (besides the cardstock display case below)

Exclusive picture for this blog only! :) 
My Melody, Keroppi, Mamegoma, Hello Kitty, Korilakkuma, Minnie Mouse, Little Stars, & Pikachu 
Taste the rainbow! JK but I made a ton of colorful cupcakes~ 
I used a Forever 21 compact mirror to get the texture on the cake~
Rainbow cake charms!
Strawberry Swiss Roll charm (you can never just make one...)

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