Arpakasso: Ryama-chan has arrived!

Ah, the best alpaca has arrived in the mail today! I got it from Penult aka kittyblacksheep on Alpacasso & Fandom Sales (Storenvy). Let me share the Instagram photo first though: PLEASE CREDIT!!!
It turns out that she gave me an extra cellphone strap alpaca! The joys of being a return customer? ^_^;

Now for the opening and more pics:

All of the EMS boxes from this shop have always gotten messed up in delivery T_T
Squished inside (the alpaca always turns out OK despite the box appearance)
Pop goes the alpaca!
Mini cellphone strap was an extra gift!
HQ pic from my camera instead of my phone~
I'm weirded out by the embroidered nose and mouth though. Hopefully this is a thing in the rerelease of this series as I've been looking at stock photos and the newer Paradise series for preorder seem to have the embroidered nose and mouth too. I know it's legit but it may be because that this is LLAMA (リャマ) instead of an alpaca... Or Amuse may be switching over to that style for lower production costs~

Penult's shop is a one-person business and she offers pre-orders on new series. She sent me an email on  January 25, 2012 with a shipping confirmation and it arrived in 8 days via EMS. I'm always glad to buy from her as she always has some discounts going on! There's also the deal for free shipping included (airmail) but you can always upgrade to tracking and faster shipping.

Here's a 10% coupon code to use on a purchase: garagesalejapan


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