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Hello! My name is Kim and I'm interested in decoden (mostly sweets deco) and other Japanese things! I got into this when I went to Anime Central last year and went to a decoden panel. Then I looked up tutorials on youtube and it kept getting me even more interested! I started out with one of the deco stickers and a mixed set of pink rhinestones to decorate my Ipod touch, and now I'm starting to venture into making more elaborate deco pieces! After all, when I explore Etsy for deco supplies, there are always tons of works that are truly inspiring and make me jealous of their talent! Hopefully for next year, I will improve on my technique and make better pieces~

Let me share the things that I have been working on during winter break!

My desk at the moment… I ended up making too much of the pink "icing"
and had to steal a jar from the pantry to deco!
Used sculpey mold maker to make the ice cream cone pattern!
Also, banana slices and unpainted strawberries (made fr. cold porcelain)
(PS my logo is from my tumblr)

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