12 Deco Blogs to Follow in 2012

Happy New Year!!! I wanted to compile a list of blogs that I currently follow and get suggestions for others worth following! These are a great source of inspiration to me when I want to deco stuff~ (ordered randomly, can translate Japanese websites with Google Translate, couldn't include everyone that I follow… see: Decoden resources spreadsheet)

1. http://www.grotesqa.net/ atelier dolle
I actually won Rui's giveaway contest so this will always have a place in my heart~  (Gave me a push to start deco) Based in Singapore,  it usually updates once in a while with progress pics, reviews, and tutorials. Mostly sweets deco and in English.

2. http://ameblo.jp/chelsie/ CHELSIESweets Deco.
This is a Japanese blog that does very cool sweets deco, like an Alice in Wonderland theme! I like the use of air dry clay to create fake sweets in some of the most creative ways possible. In Japanese.

This is the youtube of the person with the most youtube views for a decoden video if you search "decoden." Her tutorials are mostly with rhinestones and updates occasionally but they're worth subscribing~ In English.

4. http://petitecafeotete.blogspot.com/ Petite Cafe Otete
This ridiculously awesome blog has so many sweets deco pieces that I really admire. Based in Hawaii, there are usually weekly updates with many works in cute forms. It's cool to see how you can turn a personal craft into something very sellable. In English.

5. http://blog.goo.ne.jp/milkyribbon/ Milky Ribbonのスイーツデコ
This blog has regular updates that keeps my feed reader full of sweets deco! Has more of a classic sweets feel to it and wonderful pictures of the creations. In Japanese.

6. http://ameblo.jp/candycolorticket/ CANDY COLOR TICKET
This has the most bold and bright sweets deco that I've seen! Updates frequently and is one of the top Japanese deco blogs~ In Japanese.

This blog has reviews and an Etsy shop attached to it~ It displays so much talent in making a normal object into something special! In English.

8. http://ameblo.jp/kiyopiyo3/ *Sweet Jewel*
This blog is ridiculously chocolatey~ Everything is carefully crafted and regularly posts in progress pictures!!! In Japanese.

9. http://ameblo.jp/rmr-kobe/ Dolce Mente
I feel like this is one of the top deco blogs in Japan. Everything is QUALITY and lovely sweets deco~ In Japanese.

10. http://deco-den.livejournal.com/ デコデン //// DECO DEN
The only semi-active comm that I know about and occasionally updates from users, with more frequent posts with advertisements for supplies/cases in online stores. Very friendly comm and another way to network with people in the decoden community. In English.

11. http://sototallylame.tumblr.com/ So Totally Lame
This tumblr blog reblogs a lot of cute things and decoden stuff that inspires you to make more things! Will have a giveaway every once and a while where you only have to like/reblog a post for a chance to win a case~ Owner also has an Etsy store that she promotes heavily through the blog and you will often see her posts on the decoden tag on tumblr. In English.
*edit 5/12/12* It seems like the tumblr isn't working so check out http://www.facebook.com/SoTotallyLame instead

12. http://misskittyxo.tumblr.com/ Miss Kitty XO

This is such a cute blog~ Based in the UK, Danielle often reblogs and posts kawaii-related things and promotes her deco Ipod cases from her Etsy store. I believe this is one of the quality deco blogs on tumblr~ In English.
PS I've been getting a lot of inspiration from Re Ment and will post some pics of some things that I made that are inspired by it~

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