Sophie & Toffee Review

I got my items from Sophie & Toffee on Thursday! This is a Singapore based supplier for decoden supplies. A lot of people who decoden recommend this shop because they are a trustworthy service and have a lot of variety. It snowed for the whole day for the first time in a month. I was beginning to think that winter had gone away! Here are the items:

It came in a pink bag! How cute!

The items plus the My Melody note box that I've been trying to deco since the fall! I got it, but then realized that I didn't  have the orange and yellow rhinestones!!! *sigh*

Pros: Has a lot of variety for items, lots of cabochons, lots of sale items, comes wrapped in a cute bag and a few layers of bubble wrap, easy navigation through website

Cons: No free gift (other shops will give you some canes or extra rhinestones), most rhinestones only go to 3mm, Hearty was smaller than I expected (50g), long shipping time to US (through cheapest option)

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