Mitsuwa Haul!

Today I went to Mitsuwa in Chicago to get my Japanese fix! I also happened to get some cute things for crafts! They had a fake sweets book by Milky Ribbon at the bookstore, but I wanted to spend that $30 on manga instead… I will probably look through the book more carefully when I visit next time! :D

Star, heart, and triangle shaped ice cube tray for resin and I can't leave any kind of Asian grocery store without Pocky!
Usahana candy! I got it because of the cute packaging~
Shitsuren Chocolatier vol.1 by Setona Mizushiro, Vagabond vol.1 by Inoue Takehiko (ON SALE?!), ZEROSUM Jan. 2012 issue, ARIA Jan. 2012 issue (I will most likely buy any book with Naked Ape manga)
PS Have you ever made polymer clay canes? It's extremely satisfying when you successfully squeeze and roll it out correctly. I only made orange ones so far and one thing that you should know is that the outer part of the cane should have a decent thickness so when you stretch it out, it will cover the whole cane! Even though I made a lot, half failed… I will try to make some strawberry and kiwi canes and update later!!! ^_^

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