Whipple Set Review

The chocolates, heart macaron, and cup were from a Whipple kit
I haven't updated in a while since school has caught up to me and the fact that I leave my camera at school. Since I'm on Easter break (yes, my university has a spring and Easter break since we're Catholic), I have time to organize things and make more deco items! (like yesterday, I made another batch of cold porcelain clay) I also did a decoden panel at a local anime convention, but only my friends from Japanese club attended. T_T I'll be posting an update video tomorrow with all the things that I have made in the last few months. XD

I wanted to try Whipple sets since a lot of popular charm/crafty youtubers have been using it! I got the smaller Chocolate/Valentine's Day set and the fruit tart one (not pictured). There's usually leftover Whipple cream, which was used on the heart box and to make the soft serve on the first row. I got mine from Toys R Us on sale (USA) but you can also buy it at the links below:

x x x x x x ]

All of the Whipple sets come with a filled pastry bag with the sweets ready-made for decoration, along with a few rhinestones, beads, and chains. It wasn't hard to figure out how to decorate it, plus there's a little instruction booklet that you can practice your piping on. It helps if you've ever taken a cake decorating class before doing decoden (which is basically the same thing, but less elaborate).

Super easy to decorate, very cute, anybody over 7 months can do this (seriously?!), easy present for people who like kawaii Japanese things or a young girl/boy into cute/crafty things

The only bad thing about it was that I used up all the decoration parts up, so I had to decorate with my own rhinestones/sprinkles. This lets yours be more unique than before? Also, make sure to have everything dry on something, because that heart on the plastic had some dripping Whipple cream. Additionally, it's water-soluble, so you can't get it wet.

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