Quickie Etsy Shop Review - PixieKhloe + Teahouse

I haven't done much deco lately... Instead, I've been waiting for supplies for the black iphone case that I have yet to deco! >_< Today my supplies from PixieKhloe arrived in the mail today! (lol that was after I dashed to the post office to send my overdue swap-bot swaps... XD)

lol of course the mailman would handle with love after seeing that sticker! 
Cute bag inside that had the supplies bubble-wrapped inside! 
I'm using an old camera and auto-flash... The items are better in the next pic 
Finally, a tray and pencil for all those pesky rhinestones! XD
Cute business card!!! Their etsy has better web design, while the website is easier to navigate for cabochons~
  • fast shipping to USA (store located in California) aka I got my package within 6 days of my order
  • offers decoden kits with My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Barbie, Bettie Boop, Chococat, etc.
  • big variety of cabochons
  • good prices on rhinestones & pearls

  • make sure to read the description closely because the picture shows more than offered (this is the same with every etsy supplier though)
  • has a lot of unlabeled B-grade cabochons, so you have to check carefully if you're ordering for a commission
  • cabochons is just one section so you should use the search bar for a specific kind of cabochon (Hello Kitty, bow, rose, etc...)
Rating: ★★★★

PS I got my hard copies of Teahouse too! I'm a casual BL fan, but I do love supporting webcomics with stunning visuals and smexy scenes~ It's worth spending money on...

Do you ship Axis/Rhys???

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