CHARMS + Sailor Moon necklace

I finally got eyepins at Michaels, therefore I can make charms! This is all that I've made since my last update. Plus the iPhone cases and brooch backings finally got forwarded to my home address. I'll be making some to sell on etsy. I made a portable work area out of board covered in wax paper and learned to leave softer polymer clay on paper to soak some of the "oilyness" off.

Charms plus cabochons! (the only one made with airdry clay was the huge macaron)
Close-up of those wonderful cupcakes! PS using glitter as sprinkles means it gets everywhere 
Sushi drying from glossy varnish, look at dA tutorials to get same result or better!
TIP: adjust paperclips into drying hooks and tape it to a ledge/shelf, then hang charms!

These still need to be baked! I used a cupcake mold and depending on how you use it, it can either make really big cupcakes or smaller ones~ (plus failed fish for sushi in the background)
This week, I got a Sailor Moon necklace from Kuma Crafts (SM necklaces out of stock) and Catscratch (which has it as a charm/earrings too). They were worth the price and are very beautiful~

Small Crisis necklace from Catscratch + huge Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon necklace from Kuma Crafts 
length when worn (hehe can't see my face~)

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