3 New Yummy Decoden Cases~

Added some sparkles! I used Alex Dap for these and the deco pieces are polymer clay or cold porcelain.
I made these a few weeks ago but took the pic with my crappy camera and didn't have my laptop nearby to edit the pics. These cases are way heavier than a silicone case because a) caulk/silicone mix b) not airdry clay deco pieces c) more things on it? Originally posted these iPhone cases on dA too~ (posting it now b/c nursing school is kicking my butt T_T)

These might be posted on Etsy once I glaze all of the pieces (b/c wet cold porcelain is a bad idea).

Here are some kirakira version of cases that haven't sold yet:

*actual colors are darker than they appear in these images! For more accurate colors, view the listing on Etsy~

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