Ebay arpakasso has arrived!!!

Today I got a wonderful package in the mail~ A pink Lovely Berry alpaca plushie~ I bought from one of Christie's ebay auctions. She is the one in charge of Shop Tokyo or Arpakasso Online and is super sweet! She ships from Japan to explain the higher shipping price. Not a bad deal if I say so myself because it costs like $50 to buy one with USA shipping (classic version). The estimated delivery was 11/19 to 12/06 so I was SUPER HAPPY to get it on my birthday (November 16th)!!! ^_^

My ebay win!!!

It arrived in a 12"x12"cardboard box via SAL shipping...

Fits just right!!!
All safe in plastic wrap~
Now for the alpaca glam photos!

What a cutie!!! I dunno what to name her!!!

"Is this my good side?" 
As you see, the older Baby Alpacasso series (my new one on the left) does not have a cardboard bottom and firm legs.
This is closer to real life without as many photoshop filters~ I couldn't fit my white one in the photo...
Edit 11/29/12: added comparison pic to crosspost to Arpakasso forums, sorry that it's not centered

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