Japonica Shopping Service Review: Arpakasso!

I finished finals last week with the news that my package from Japonica arrived while I was frantically studying for a Pathophysiology final exam... ^_^; And finally went home today after staying at my apartment this weekend and going to see The Hobbit with friends~

My current arpakasso collection!!! Guess which ones arrived via Japonica package?

What is Japonica?

Japonica is a shopping service that bids for you on Yahoo! JapanMbok, Japan Online Shopping Sites, etc. You pay a downpayment of how much you're willing to bid on an auction and they will bid for you. For example, I paid 2373 yen + paypal fees for this Mbok auction. If you didn't win the auction, they would refund 100% deposit within 24 hours by Paypal.

Total payment would be:
+ Auction/Shopping Subtotal ( Closing Price + Shipping Cost to their Office )
+ Commission (see chart, under ¥2500 purchase = ¥800 commission, paid ¥400 r/t 50% off deal?)
+ Shipping Cost to Your Home
+ PayPal international fee 3.2%+40yen of the Total

Kinda expensive, right? But it's the only shopping service that works with Mbok (that I know of)

Other Japanese Shopping Services?


  • My experience started on November 20th by emailing & paying via paypal for the bid on Mbok
  • I worked with someone named Yukiko, who replied to emails on a timely basis (within 1-2 days)
  • WON THE AUCTION (Nov. 24th)
  • Package from Mbok arrived at their office in 5 days (Nov. 29th)
  • Paid for shipping and commission fees (Nov. 30th)
  • Shipped Dec. 1st, arrived at home (Dec. 10th)
  • COST: ¥5619 (converts to $66.87, but with paypal conversion $71.87 T_T)


  • CHEAPER than buying on an English storefront (eg. arpakassoshophk)
    • +$48 for the jumbo pink arpakasso
    • +$42 for two 12cm baby arpakasso
    • +$22 for the white arpakasso phone bag
    • +$21.50 for shipping (usually free keychain)
    • $133.50 TOTAL?! 
    • THEREFORE: you save so much $$$ with Japonica/any SS if you bulk buy arpakasso
  • Great customer service! (Fact: Japanese shops have AMAZING customer service)
  • Find your perfect auction listing that you want to get!
  • High chance that you will be paying for an authentic arpakasso (new pictures of arpakasso in a regular setting VS stock pictures)


  • Longer waiting time from order to delivery (20 days for me)
    • If you have a USA seller like MyMaido, shipping is max 7 days in USA)
  • English is okay (feels slightly less professional with some capitalization errors, but it's like 100 times better than Bodyline communication that has horrible Engrish)
  • You might not win the auction…
  • Might not be BRAND NEW
  • Paypal Exchange rate: 1 USD = 80.4062 JPY plus extra paypal fees

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5 stars!)

Now onto the unwrapping pictures~

The box was sent from an Mbok seller so I didn't expect HQ new packaging 
Opened from the side 
Covered in bubble wrap and a plastic bag
Unpacked in all of the arpakasso glory!!!


  1. Love the pouch! It's super cute~~~ And we have the same giant pink alpaca now (* 7 *) I've never used Japonica before, but this is a great review! Very useful <3

    1. Thanks Kelsey!!! Are you on the Arpakasso forums? I hope you'll post pics with your alpaca somewhere~