Alpaca Apps for Android and iPhone

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope your NYE was a fun celebration with friends and/or family. My New Year's Resolution for this blog is to do a quality original post every 2 months and make sure to blog every month!

I recently switched to Virgin Mobile to save money with a data plan and got an HTC One V (android phone). PS I used a deco sticker and glued on acrylic pink rhinestones. Pictures will be in the next January post, focusing on deco/purikura apps for Android. Now there are a few apps out there that are...


From the official Amuse app page
Note: some pages are in Japanese so please use Chrome or Google Translate if you would like to read the description in English, although the preview pictures show the main features without much trouble.


Free trial (3 day) interactive wallpaper from Amuse! It offers 4 icons but if you'd like to pay $1.80 to own it, you get 10 icons plus the wallpaper!

アルパカッソカメラ (alpaca camera)

$2.07 - A camera app that adds cute alpacas to your picture! I'm not sure if I would spend money on this VS taking a pic with a real arpakasso plushie but a cute alternative if you don't have an arpakasso.

Tiny Farm

Free - Although it's an interactive game, you can raise alpaca on it! PS it takes a long time to get up to that level and you need a wifi or 3G connection to play. A definite step up from Farmville on Facebook. My ID is kpossibles so add me as a friend! Also available on iPhone.

*アルパカさんカレンダーウィジェット* free

Free - A kawaii calendar widget with an alpaca on it! You must get it if you need more cuteness on your phone~ (99 yen to own it?)

*アルパカ* デジタル時計ウィジェット

$1.24 - Know the time with this cute alpaca widget! I'm pretty satisfied with my Peperico Go Launcher FX themes though so I won't be adding it yet.


$1.23 - It gives you 20 folder types for your phone! You get some wallpapers too.

animal battery widget *alpaca*

$1.24 - It gives you 15 types of display as a battery widget and comes with free download of alpaca and other cute animal wallpaper!

Cute Alpaca1-2-3! (Lite)

Free - lol this is Jan Ken Pon aka Rock, Paper, Scissors with an alpaca? Not rated very well but you'll get some laughs from it!

smile Alpacas cute animal(FREE

Free - it's a 1 week trial live wallpaper of a cute alpaca! Costs $1.37 to own it forever and may be worth buying!

Sob Alpacas cute animal(FREE)

Free - 1 week trial of a crying alpaca?!?! I dunno if I would pay $1.37 to keep something so sad on my phone...

ChewingAlpacas CuteAnimal(FREE

Free - this developer has made like 4 live wallpapers of alpacas?! Costs $1.37 to own... and IN MAGENTA!!!

SleepingAlpacasCuteAnimal FREE

Free - another 1 week trial for a sleeping alpaca this time. IT FALLS ASLEEP ON YOU OMFG. Costs $1.37 to own forever.

antique room LW[FL ver.]

Free - A lovely find on my search for alpaca themed apps. It's a live wallpaper and looks super pretty and interactive (but probably drains your battery a ton).


Free - Okay, it might be a llama... but it's a useful widget to instantly set your phone from normal to vibrate or silent!

Alpaca apps for iPhone


¥170 - only available on the Japan iTunes store (so you'll have to make a fake account if you're not in Japan to download, plus use a Japanese iTunes gift card to buy) but this is the camera app that adds cute alpaca "frames" to your pics!

Alpaca World HD

Free -  They're supposed to be expanding onto Android soon. I would definitely want to get this once they have in the Play Store.


Free - Addicting alpaca games. So sad that this isn't available on Android.

Alpaca pasture

$0.99 - IDK I would just get it for the cute icon? The info says, "Please touch the mouth of an alpaca." UMMMMM OKAY?!?!

Please tell me if there are any purikura apps with alpacas on them that you want to add to the list or if I'm missing any that you'd definitely recommend!

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