♥ Lolita Indie Brand Clothing List ♥

Clockwise from left: Haenuli ♥ Baroque ♥ Lady Sloth

UPDATE: check out my sister site Indie Lolita Brands

This spreadsheet ONLY includes shops that sell clothing (skirt/JSK/OP/blouse) and have various examples of their work up online.

Taobao has an extensive spreadsheet (which already includes indie brands) but there was no spreadsheet for other indie brands? I am new to lolita and I am saddened that the current egl list of indie brands is not really complete.

Initially, I looked at:
Another problem that I encountered was being plus sized and whether shops had plus sized clothing available before custom sizing. To my surprise most shops sell most items custom size for free or with an extra fee. Several USA indie brands offer up to 3X in clothing size?! Although these brands might be more expensive, a lot of them are high quality clothing.

If you feel like you have more expertise in this area, contact me and I can give you editing permission to update the list. (I'll be adding the other Japanese indie brands and more details later).

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