Recent Haul: Taobao Group Order!

I recently finished up a Taobao group order with some lolitas within my community. I didn't end up buying lolita this time. Instead, I focused on mori girl stuff and accessories. I was very disappointed that several of the things that I wanted were out of stock, like the Sailor Moon sweatshirt and Madoka grief seed necklaces.

I'm currently using Transbao as a shopping service, which has a 5% shopping service fee and they are 10/10 on communication! My agent replies back instantly on Skype and you're constantly updated on your order! You need an invitation code to join! Use kpossibles to join and share in the goodness of an easy shopping service~

Onto the Haul!!!

Pusheen replica pillow

Blue flower skirt

Mori girl skirt

Cards print mini skirt

Mori girl skirt

Little Dipper underskirt

Kawaii tissue box

Mori girl cover up

Madoka wall decal

10 x usamimi (pigtails)

Schoolgirl uniform (didn't fit so I will be selling it)

Oversize sweater from schoolgirl uniform

Lolita beret! So cute~

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