Lolita Blog Carnival - Who Inspires You in Lolita

Happy New Year! One of my goals for 2015 is to blog more and participate in Lolita Blog Carnival, a network of lolita fashion bloggers who focus on a topic each week! I will also post my wardrobe eventually (on Pinterest right now). Now onto this week's topic...
Image feat. my fave indie brands & lolitas (Krad Lanrete: fairy-emily, ?, chokelate; Surface Spell)


My friends from Milwaukee Lolita Society (and Chigothloli by extension) are my easiest and closest inspiration! They range from sweet to classic to gothic. None of us are well known, but hopefully you get some inspiration too~
Sara - her makeup is always on point, classy as fuck, and great classic outfits!

Jeanette - she's the mod of my comm, always wearing inspirational outfits & everyday lolita!
Also, a prime example of the evolution of a lolita (bodyline to burando!)

Beck (weeaboo-kei)- she wears sweet lolita and otome, friends with my taobao addiction

Classic Lolitas

Kavya (xylia-x) - Australian lolita who wears Innocent World like no other!
She is always elegant in her coordinates and can make anything look perfect

Xiaoyu (victorianme) - Chinese lolita who goes to college in NYC~
She does photoshoots from time to time to make OTT classic a thing!

Karine (mysubarashiilolidays/blog) - a Brazilian lolita who makes anything look good.
Play the "Is that Bodyline?" game with her outfit photos and you'll be surprised!

Gothic Lolitas

Marie Tuonetar (siriusc/blog) - a French lolita with a gothic flair~ 
I love the way she takes photos & edits them to look like vintage photographs. 

Tamie (tamie-love) - she is like the onee-san that every lolita wants~
She wears hime and ero lolita in the best of ways and her outfits are always on point.

I hope you found some new favorite lolitas to follow! If you want to see others' inspo, see the links below!

じゃあ、またね〜 (Until next time!)

Check out this week's bloggers!

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