Old School Meetup

Hello again~ This past few weeks have been busy with meetups. On Sunday, I carpooled with Alli and Junné from Milwaukee to Illinois. The theme of the meetup was Old School Lolita! I had fun since I am really into headdresses nowadays. It took place at High Tea with Gerri in Long Grove, IL!

This meetup was nostalgic for me since I learned about lolita in 2009? That was when I got my first Gothic Lolita Bible from a random magazine store. The tea was actually pretty expensive for the amount of food that I got, but we definitely enjoyed the atmosphere and decorations!

The furniture even matches!

Quaint paintings too!

Jam and butter for the scones

A miniature tea set!

Snacks to accompany English tea

I really enjoyed the tea~

MKE Lolitas! Me, Alli, Junné, and Sara!

~Thank you for reading~

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