Meetup: Picnic at Hubbard Park

Long time no see!

We had a small picnic meetup at Hubbard Park in Shorewood, which is where I currently live~ I ended up being 45 minutes late since I made spring rolls last minute, but a ton of people were late too... my friend was like 90 minutes late since she picked up another lolita and got stuck in traffic from the air show. I only ended up taking mostly coordinate photos. Here they are!

Group photo! A few people carpooled from Appleton area (about 2 hour drive)

Alli wore an Axes Femme OP that she got in a resale shop in Japan

Melissa looked wonderful in Innocent World!

Mia is fairly new at lolita but looks hella kawaii in Bodyline~

Ursula looked super cute in her Angelic Pretty skirt

Karen is wearing a Rouge Aerie Designs jsk! I have it in black colorway~

Waverly is doing bittersweet lolita!

Jeanette x IW anniversary jsk with Antique Beast headdress, Aetherlund bat wing cuffs, & h.Naoto parasol

Rebecca in Toy Drops OP
Rachel in Toy Drops OP

Twin pic!

Isabella in a Chess Story salopette

I'm wearing a taobao indie brand skirt - Aurora & Ariel

Sheena traveled from Kaukauna, WI (near Green Bay) and looks lovely in AATP!

I haven't seen Alisha lately, but she looks awesome in F+F!

Emma was our only ouji at this meetup; she's wearing AATP!

Momo is a fairly new lolita too; she's wearing Metamorphose Swan Garden jsk

Milwaukee Lolita Society mods~

Emma (KawaiiKaptain) made a video of our meetup! *dat kabedon*

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