Review: Elegy Albino Accord JSK & Tights

Hello after a long hiatus! I don't really update this blog anymore since I tend to just share my pictures on Facebook and it's much easier that way. However, I should get back to reviewing new items that I've received in the mail~ I ordered this dress since it's been on my indie brand hit list since it originally released in the past year and Elegy had a summer release with a chiffon version of the jsk on some nicer fabric!

Elegy is an independent lolita brand by Miss Chubi and made in Ohio, USA. [website] 

She collaborated with an artist to make the print (which should be a thing for all indie brands from now on or at least use nice commercially available fabric!). The print includes various albino animals like a jackalope, deer, ram, wolf, and boar. One of the special parts of the dress is that it has a golden tassel trim!

I paid through a payment plan in 2 installments via Paypal and Elegy's policy is that pieces get made and shipped in the order that they're paid. I also got the size 2, but they offer custom sizing for every dress. They ship with Priority Mail shipping so it arrived within 3 days~ I couldn't believe that everything fit in one box! Communication was kept through email and you could see the progress of her working hard on completing all of the dresses on Instagram.

Sizing: 9/10
Construction: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Communication: 10/10

Shipped quickly in a priority mail box 
Items out of the box: jsk, tights, business card, postcard, and cute note~

Albino wolf tag 

She even has her own logo on a bag, how cool~


Ahhhhh plus-sized tights~

The quality of the tights was very nice!


Another closeup 

Back of the tights had a bunny tail design~


Finally, here's my coordinate from San Japan with the dress! Unfortunately, I couldn't wear the tights that day, but hope to wear it in the future in a coord~

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