Metamorphose 2013 Winter Lucky Pack (Dark) Opening!

Hi guys, I really wanted to share this really belated post because this is my first lucky pack purchase EVER!

I was lucky and ordered early enough to pick the color of my blouse (black) to go with my wardrobe and dark LP. I received an email confirmation of my order on Dec. 19th BUT I just received the shipping and tracking confirmation on Jan. 6th (they were closed due to Christmas & New Years).

Metamorphose doesn't skimp on sending out items quickly (it got sent via EMS on Dec. 26th and arrived at my place in Wisconsin, USA on Dec.31st!!!).

I managed to peel off the label to keep the bag!
Everything wrapped in plastic as usual~
Contents! Very pleased with the selection~
I dub thee "dick" socks - from Magical Painting series
Candy Star Rabbit navy skirtIdk the real name of this blouse
(but back shirring is very generous!)

Duffel bag Crown cameo necklace Swan cameo barrette

Did you get the Meta winter lucky pack? I hope you were lucky in your fukubukuro finds~

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