New Years Resolution Lolita Edition

Hello! So this post was supposed to be for Lolita Blog Carnival in the end of December but that passed a while ago. So here's my short post of lolita related new years resolutions!

  • In addition to losing 20 lbs by June for my cousin's wedding, keep up the healthy eating and 150 minutes of exercise each week!
    • ultimately lead to smaller measurements so I can wear more lolita
  • Wear lolita at least 2x per month
  • Blog about a Lolita Blog Carnival topic EVERY MONTH

  • Stick to 1 major lolita purchase each month
    • I need to pay off the bills from my 2013 purchases (went overboard with building a wardrobe fever)
  • Finish my side project of a Lolita Community Directory (worldwide!) 
  • Save up for PMX in November 2014
    • girls from my community are planning this out 11 months in advance
  • Go to ACEN fashion show and tea party this year
    • I cannot believe I missed this last year

Here's to a great 2014!

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