My Maido Arpakasso Review #2


55cm Jumbo White Macaron aka Shiro-kun & 11cm Pink Candy Kids aka Sakura-chan 
Purikura version!!!

I ordered via email <> from My Maido, a stationary store located in San Francisco, California. It also has locations in San Jose, CA and inside Kinokuniya stores (Seattle, NYC, LA) [tumblr] [website]

Shipping: If you order above $25, you get free shipping in the US! (So if you buy two 11cm/5in arpakasso ($15 each) or a 55cm/22in jumbo sized arpakasso ($50), you'll have 3 day to 2 week shipping)

Customer Service: They respond pretty quickly (in a few days) and are super nice! The items arrive quickly since I got it within 3 days of payment with tracking. My package arrived in one of those bags that you can ship stuff in, and the Jumbo arpakasso was much, much bigger than expected?! (that's what she said)

Quality: They're a legit seller of Arpakasso. The tags were still on the arpakasso and although their faces were derpy as alpaca goes, it was quite cute! My only complaint would be that they might have been mad that I sent out the payment late after the order, and they sent the available jumbo one that had a slight stitching error under it's mouth (the white stitching or fluff is kinda falling out and I'm picky)... ^_^;

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5 stars)

I also got a fake alpaca pouch in the mail (yes, the quality is not great but it was on the cheap end!!!) The funny part was that I was looking through a lolita ebay store and it was labeled everything except "alpaca"!!! XD

It's kinda washed out in this pic but it's the same shade as Sakura-chan, the pink candy one.

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