Pink Candy Kids Arpakasso Review

So I kinda went on an arpakasso spree this month since I knew it's my birthday next month? So my dorm room has like 3 arpakasso on the bed now (besides the Chibi Amaterasu plushie). I'm on fall break because you deserve it for the going to a private university~

This time, I bought from penult aka Alpacasso & Fandom Sales on Storenvy [tumblr] [storenvy] [lj]. She is living in Japan and has great prices & customer service! A plus side is that she knows English very well (American?) However, the shipping dates may not be so consistent depending on when she can go to the post office. Mine arrived in a cardboard box with some wear and tear on it. I got the extra $5.25 shipping upgrade to E-packet Airmail w/Tracking (so it would arrive in a week to USA instead of 3-5 weeks). Additionally, it only cost about $41 for me with a discount code.

40cm Candy Kids Alpacasso Pink aka Momo-chan
I thought I bought the white one but now there are two... it's onee-san and imouto-san!!!
Btw, I've been watching Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! It's the hit of the fall anime season since it's like reminiscing on when I had such weeaboo moments in middle school. Chuunibyou means "eighth grade syndrome", basically meaning a short period of time when a person is heavily influenced by something (generally anime) and believe they are a mythical existence or have supernatural powers... I think a lot of people go through that stage too before they become pretty casual with showing their fannishness and end up channeling that energy online?

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