Mystery Garden Blouse Review

Today's lolita fashion themed review is...

This lovely Polish indie brand has wonderful essentials for a lolita wardrobe! I chose this shop over other American indie brands because the custom size was FREE under maximum bust is 120cm and 100cm in waist (so if you're not that busty or super heavy, this shop is for you). How did I find out about it? Through stalking Lady Sloth's liked pages... Anyways, I would definitely prefer this shop over Lady Sloth for JSKs design wise and good stock images, although it is definitely less popular or well known. Although I love prints, sometimes a simple stock print or detailing calls to me!


Length of order to delivery: I bought this on Jan. 14th and it took around 3.5 weeks for it to be made and sent out. The estimated wait time is 1-2 weeks. It arrived on Feb. 25th to my apartment in the USA, so overall the estimated wait time would be a month. Shipping was via priority mail.

Price: Mystery Garden's policy is to do a 50% down-payment and to pay the rest after the blouse is finished. It cost $55 + $14 shipping for a total of $69.00. (This was slightly cheaper than English Charm fyi which was ~$79)

Communication: average, since they have decent English but not fluent. In addition to Facebook, they are also on TumblrShe also sent me a preview picture of the final product before it was sent, which is actually really nice compared to Lady Sloth, who often just notifies that she sent it out in the mail. I sent her an inquiry message after 2 weeks to check the status of the blouse and she finished it up afterwards. So definitely message her if there is no update after 2 weeks!

Quality: very very very nice! Her beautiful stock photographs made me want to order from her in the first place! The blouse looked really soft in those pictures but alas it's a cotton blouse so it cannot always stay wrinkle-free. The cluny and eyelet lace was great quality.

TL;DR: ★★★★★ (5 stars) + would buy ANYTHING from her again!
Stock photo from Facebook
Preview pic
The bubble mailer that it came in! About 8"x12" long?
Inside, the blouse was neatly folded up inside a clear plastic bag
As it looks right out of the package (very wrinkly! Definitely had to iron it before wearing)
Closeup of bib & lace
Back with shirring & lacing
Detail of lace on sleeve

I think I might have gained weight so it's slightly tighter than The Perfect Fit™ that I was hoping for. But it looks marvelous in person. Here are some pics with me wearing the blouse in a coord.

A closer up picture with more of the collar showing.
Silly pose! The only good full pic of me in a coord. Wearing Lady Sloth Cherubim Skirt
For a recent brunch on a Sunday meetup!
Wearing a Innocent World jsk feat. Muchacha Ahcahcum cat bag

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