Lady Sloth Cherubim Skirt Review

Hello! I got back last night from an exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago for Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity. We didn't know it was Lollapalooza until we got there, so we had to deal with tons of traffic on the way back ^_^; I wore lolita and carpooled with another girl & her boyfriend from Wisconsin down to Chicago and the exhibit made me want to snatch ALL THE HATS from the cases. So check it out if you're interested in art or historical fashion!


I recently did a post on Lady Sloth for Featured Brand of the Month at Indie Lolita Brands. She's very affordable, especially if you need custom sized clothing in lolita fashion! I've been eyeing the Cherubim Skirt for a while ever since some people posted amazing coords on Tumblr with it.

Length of order to delivery: I sent a PM on Jan. 8th, response on the next day, sent out the filled out word doc via email on the 10th, got paypal invoice on 11th, took a long ass time and paid on Feb. 4th (^_^;), skirt arrived 1 month later on March 7th!

Price: It cost $110 + $10 shipping to USA for the skirt. However, the normal waist skirt is $90 during her Summer Sale! (jealous) Payment method is Paypal. You can pay either in 1 or 2 payments.

Communication: Good! English isn't her first language either (she's Polish) but she replies quickly! Lady Sloth is a mother/daughter team so the daughter does the communication/design while the mother is the seamstress!

Quality: Great! I really enjoy my skirt, although it's a very simple design. The main focus is the lovely print! I wish I would have asked for a chiffon "frill" or lace on it to make it fancier. It is very light so it creates a perfect silhouette with my Classical Puppets petticoat.
*Note: I would be wary if you're ordering a high-waisted skirt with jersey fabric; 2 girls from my comm who are plus-sized got the Autumn flowers HW skirt from her and it was TOO big. One basically sewed up the shirring in the back by herself because it would take too much time to send it back & have LS fix it (which LS offered).
TL;DR: ★★★★☆ (4 stars) Wonderfully made, but not as much oomph as burando (always a 5)

Simple bubble mailer (ignore the large number; it's how my campus mail keeps track of packages)
Folded carefully in a clear plastic bag
Front view
Back view! Asked for half-shirring (IDK if she does that with each one)
Lady Sloth's tag
Closeup of the print
Cream lining
Her tag sewed on in the back, along with straps to help keep your skirt on the hanger

Wore it in a coord for Bastille Days!

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