Krad Lanrete Skirt and Clobbaonline Review

Close-up on the print!
Ahhhh, I'm so excited today! I was recovering from a weekend cold and my long-awaited Krad Lanrete Phantom of the Opera skirt finally arrived in the mail! If you follow this Taobao brand, they are known for Mozarabic Chant, a medieval theme print. I'm actually excited for their new jellyfish print, despite my reservations with the brand actually making it in their estimated time frame. You can visit their shop here:

Stock picture~
To order this skirt, I decided to use Clobbaonline instead of a cheaper shopping service because it would be a definite reserve and I wasn't comfortable with other SS level on communication with Taobao shops. This skirt was custom size, which the shop offers for preorders only. I got it in the black & gold colorway~

Length of order to delivery: This is where it became an unacceptable length of wait, since the estimated completion date was LATE MAY/JUNE and I just got it today (Aug. 19). I sent an email to Martin (the guy behind Clobbaonline) with the filled out order form on April 4th, various update emails in between, arrived at their office on August 4th, skirt got sent out on August 7th, so registered AIR took about 12 days to arrive to USA.

Here's the emails that I got from Martin starting in June and ending in August. :/
Response after I sent an email about the status of the skirt

Response after I sent an angry email about not getting updated & the ridiculous wait 

Final update email

Price: It cost $76.95 + $17 custom size fee + $15 registered airmail = $108.95 and I paid via Paypal.

Communication: Good! Martin replies quickly (within 1-2 days) and is fluent in English. However, I was really upset that he didn't update us fast enough after Krad Lanrete messed up on their printing. I had to send some emails asking about the status of the skirt each month. Some of my anger about the whole wait was that other people had already gotten their skirts/jsks/OPs.

Quality: AMAZING~ I really like the lightness of the fabric of the skirt, the nice lace detailing, and the fact that they have a brand tag on the inside.

TL;DR: ★★★☆☆ (3 stars) Martin of Clobbaonline was great to work with, but this got negative points for the super delay of Krad Lanrete and my personal opinion on how communication went for updates on the progress of getting my custom size skirt (originally supposed to be made first, but then made last).

Cute packaging!

Bubble wrapped for protection

Skirt inside a plastic bag

Size comparison of the package to Clover Omnibus manga (actually very small!)

Phantom of the Opera Short Skirt in all its glory~ It's made of light silk-like fabric! Perfect for summer!

Tag on the skirt (I think the elastic is in the back?)

Very nice lace adorning the ruffles 
Lining inside (very light fabric)

Sample coord worn with Classical Puppets A-line petticoat

Another worn skirt closeup

Final worn closeup~

Lastly, I gotta recommend this song! It makes me think of how lolitas always want to be extravagant but we actually are living our dreams through the fashion while our real lives are quite plain. Also, it's a good commentary on pop culture right now. Also, insane that she's only 16?!?!?

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