Chantilly Phantom Merry-go-round Skirt!

I got this skirt & sock set as an ACEN 2013 exclusive from Harajuku Hearts x Enchantlic Enchantilly! I backordered it since this color way was sold out on Friday afternoon (yes, isn't that crazy?!) And after the swap meet, I got black x white Chantilly diamond socks too! I love this skirt to death~ Of course, this happened in May but I'm now just putting up pics.

Out of the bubble mailer, the skirt was inside a Chantilly bag.

Free postcard!

The design is beautiful!

Closeup on the print

...even closer!! 
built-in petticoat

closeup on lace detailing and fabric texture
Wearing the skirt & socks in a coord (left) to an exhibit at the Art Institute

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