Lolita Outfits: February - August 2013

As you probably noticed, I've started wearing lolita fashion! I really enjoy my local comm as its just small enough to know everyone, but enough that we have a variety of styles and have decent sized meetups, along with carpooling to bigger meetups in Chicago. I think I joined when the drama was low or gotten rid of in the other comm and everyone is really nice so far! The best part of joining a lolita comm is probably seeing prints and dresses in person. I've been taking too many pictures with my phone instead of a camera, so quality is pretty low. Also need to exercise... my face is getting chubby and I need to smile more...

February - First Meetup!

Second coord ever! I am so embarrassed about this one, if only I tucked my blouse inside the HW skirt...

March - Brunch meetup

Wore my new circle lenses + falsies with my Lady Sloth skirt!

May - ACEN Friday & Saturday, Brunch/bowling Meetup

Friday coord - late to ACEN because I tried curling my hair with a flat iron; first "brand" (H. Frill)

Saturday coord - Thank goodness! Someone in the Chicago comm took a pic & shared it in the fb group!

As a Doctor Who fan, I'm obligated to share this random Tardis that appeared in the hotel lobby.

Coord for brunch/bowling meetup (old school?)

June - International Lolita Day & Megameet in Chicago

International Lolita Day - someone took a picture of us & shared it online
EDIT: Just kidding, I just found this one!
I forgot I did a review on the sizing of this jsk on the Plus size lolita discussion fb group
Megameet in Chicago - My prized Chantilly skirt! (no shoes at home)

July - lots of meetups

Bastille Days meetup - yay for Metamorphose socks, boo for no sock glue

Swap meet coord - need a better petticoat :'(

Brunch meetup - TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE

August - meetup at Art Institute

Art Institute of Chicago exhibit meetup - unplanned kuro/shiro! ♥ Chantilly~

And suddenly I look better since this photograph was taken in daytime with natural light
Loving this Innocent World replica bag that I got at the swap meet

Lolita Timeline!

I'm getting a ton of socks & accessories from a Taobao group order soon so I expect my coord skills to get better soon! I'm expecting a Krad Lanrete the Phantom of the Opera skirt (edit: arrived!) and some Lady Sloth stuff to eventually arrive, along with another Chess Story B&W striped jsk from my Taobao order.

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