Baking with Daiso

It's Memorial Day weekend and for those who don't like going outside, it's perfect weather for "baking" cookies/biscuits! lol only fake sweets though~ I tried out the heart biscuit mold with Daiso white paperclay (bought it online from Minature Sweet) I have only used brands that were available at Michaels/Joann so I found it surprising that it had a very crumbly texture! It made it hard to mix in acrylic paint to tint the white air-dry clay.

The other types that I had used before were Delight and Fimo Air Light. I just also noticed that Sculpey got into air dry clay market with Model Air (from looking on the Michaels website). This makes me want to try it out! :D Anyways, onto the pics!

Kimmy, these look so delicious! - Macaron-chan

All from one Daiso box! O_O

Perfect blue cookies/biscuits for decoden

Purple ones!

Baked VS Unbaked... which do you like better? :D

Made only one original "cookie" on the right-hand corner

The Miniature Sweet mold worked out well!

Macarons and ice cream scoops

I tried to make one with strawberry sauce, but it didn't work out so one is super red!

As you see, I was playing around with angle on my camera~
Also, I finally figured out how to watermark my blog pics with just the name of my blog somewhere in the picture where you can't really crop it off. Why? If someone saves a pic and shares it on another site, they will know the original source! Have you ever wondered all the reposted pics that DON'T credit the original source and replaces it with their blog? I get really mad at those posts, especially since Pintrest and Tumblr often do it. Lastly, the picture size is bigger b/c that's what the blog readers deserve~

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