Michaels Haul + Craft Update!

Today I went to Michaels with the intent of getting iridescent gloss, but I somehow forgot it... :(

Finally got TLS! Along with some keys that will be cabochons, flatback pearls, and discounted donut tape dispensers (the tape dispensers aren't as cute as the ones available in Japan, but were $0.99 each!) PS there are some very cute and cheap Hello Kitty items at Michaels~

I also made some polymer clay roses in order to deco a black iphone case that I will be selling on etsy. We got a new toaster oven since the other one stopped working, and thank goodness they're inexpensive~ Roses are the easiest item to make and bows are not that bad either.
Although, the big rose was made from a mold...

I found shrinky dink paper while cleaning my room! (I swear that I have Lisa Frank stickers somewhere but I have to reorganize this messy place.) I decided to draw arpakasso charms! They shrunk to 1/4 of the original size and the colors intensified too. This is a great way to fake acrylic charms, although you might have to pay and draw more in the long run.

The middle one is Eleventh Doctor inspired~

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