my MaiDo Arpakasso Review + Decoden iPhone 4 Case


First of all, I got my 2 beautiful arpakasso from MyMaido, a Japanese stationary store based in San Francisco, CA. They have "officially licensed San-X, Kamio, Crux, Arpakasso goods." Additionally, if you spend more than $25, there's free shipping to US customers!!! :D (basically, that's the cost of two 4"-6" (9-15cm) arpakasso!)

They sell:

  • Macaroon Plushies (6"/15cm)
  • Schoolmates Plushies (5.5"/14cm)
  • Marine Plushies (4"/10cm)
  • Cotton Candy Plushies (6"/15cm)
  • Stylish Plushies (6"/15cm)
  • Jumbo Stylish Plushies (20"/50cm)
  • Jumbo Necktie Plushies (19"/47.5cm)
  • Jumbo Natural Plushies (22"/55cm)

Basically, the really big ones and medium sized ones! (aka not the tiny cellphone strap size)

The mailman buzzed my place since it didn't fit in the mailbox!
(USPS first class shipping)
Out of the bubble mailer and came with a copy of the receipt.
ADORABLE! これはかわいいアルパカッソです!
Their business cards are SUPER CUTE~

Earlier this morning, I was awoken by UPS as they delivered my Amazon order!!! The best thing about being a college student is getting the Amazon Student discount, which means free shipping on Amazon Prime items (basically all of the major new comics and manga).

Sailor Moon vol. 5 and CHILDREN'S CRUSADE!!! (stop by your local comic book store if you want to support their business? They only have the best variety of comics and you might find a good deal on OOP manga!)
Children's Crusade's cover is basically a spoiler for the search for Scarlet Witch. I hope Scarlet Witch shows up in the next Avengers movie because who wouldn't want a live-action Young Avengers to be made eventually? (or even animated... see Young Justice fandom) btw Billy and Teddy are my favorite characters from the series~ Also, Sailor Moon is my weakness. It was one of my gateway anime/manga, along with Cardcaptor Sakura! They're starting Sailor Moon Super arc in the next book!!! Gotta love the outer senshi~ I'm collecting the whole series because IT WILL NEVER LET ME GO!

Finally, I finished my first iPhone case! It was inspired by AP Sugary Carnival and I will put it up on Etsy soon. I also had some silicone left so I decoed the mirror I got yesterday at Forever 21~ ♥♥♥

Please give some feedback? I'm planning on getting iridescent gloss to make the ponies more sparkly~


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