WIP iPhone case & Forever 21 haul

Remember the horse mold that I made? I decided to go and make a Sweets Lolita inspired iPhone case! The theme is inspired by Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival print. I wanted to do it because I haven't seen other people make a case like that?

More info @ http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/angelic-pretty/jsk/123/

Bodyline bags w/replica print

Now for the actual case WIP:
Before I glued and glazed the polymer pieces with hot pink drizzle on the side
PS not a gradient pink, only the photoshop filter...
Additionally, I hung out with my high school friends today! It was the first time hanging out in a while~ We walked around the mall and went into Forever 21 because I originally saw the pink bow headbands in the window… but I came out with $1 kawaii mirrors/compacts!

Sorry for LQ pic, but the cat mirrors are my favorite!
I also noticed that there was low-quality decoden stuff on sale at Claire's. I assume it's also at Charlotte Russe too (I got a fake Rilakkuma phone strap there). A mini fashion trend right now is ✧BLING✧? But Louis Vuitton is going into pastel mode according to the backs of magazines:
Louis Vuitton SPRING 2012 Source: fashionista.com

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