Charm update for Sabyloves contest entry

It's the same charms that I showed you earlier last month (since today is August OMG) but now in a video! ^_^ This was all made for a contest entry for Sabyloves, a youtuber who makes wonderful charms and tutorials~

Finally figured out a setup for filming using only scrapbook paper~

PS I just sold my first thing on etsy yesterday! That strawberry pink decoden case was bought and ILU whoever bought it!!! I'm modding the black case too for another seller

PPS I am watching so much of the Olympics... it is a bad obsession! GO TEAM USA!!! (congrats on the women gymnastics team on the gold, Lithuania getting gold in 100 breast, Ye Shiwen being awesome and winning gold despite the NBC white male announcer haters, Ryan Lochte for beating Michael this time, Marcel Nguyen being a fine mofo representing VIETNAMESE people in Germany gymnastics, Tom Daley for being such a cutie, Australian hurdler that shakes her hips like no other and wins her race, and finally... the eternal question: #IS THIS THE OLYMPICS OR GAY PORN)

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