Pink Decoden Box

Looks lovely~ All the cabochons were handmade!
On dA:
I also made chocolate with spare cold porcelain from the batch that I made from the cold porcelain post... it really lasts a long time! But it should definitely be used within a few weeks of making it!

This was edited on Pixlr, an online photo-editor with photoshop-lite qualities! It has layers, gradients, levels, vibrance, adjust size, crop, etc. I add a lot of stuff to my photoshop on my macbook so it loads really slowly (especially if you install tons of fonts!). Sometimes pixlr works much better for quick photograph edits~

Also, someone PMed me on dA saying that they wanted to use my photographs to make stuff and sell it??? Just a reminder that I do NOT allow it and watermarks are there for a reason~ 

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