Mitsuwa Summer Festival!!!

It still hasn't kicked in that it's August already! Yesterday, I went to Mitsuwa Marketplace in Chicago for their summer festival~ It was super fun since I live about 2 hours away so it's always a trip full of spending money on stuff! I think the exchange rate is not so good right now *sobs* (according to google, 1 Japanese yen = 0.0127 US dollars) so I spent a lot of money in the bookstore. To add to the pain, Chicago has like the highest sales tax in the USA: 9.5%!!! (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) But I love buying manga and Japanese magazines and such in person so it was totally worth it! (I think) It was super hot from 1pm to 4pm but then there was a severe weather alert! So we went to a nearby mall (with the help of a local friend) to chill until it the storminess was over. I don't trust myself to drive back home in that weather. And we ended up just hanging out there until we had to leave~ (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

Here are some pics from the festival!

Roll the dice game! I was lucky since I got double 3s so I won the pack of Lucky snack! 
One of my friends tries to catch fish in the classic goldfish scooping game!
She got 3 fish! >゜))))彡
TAKOYAKI! (Kero & Suppi battle for the last takoyaki)
All the masks!!! They had a lot of Precure & Hello Kitty masks...
(Pikachu was in the back!)
Taiko drumming! The kids were cute and the drumming was amazing!
My haul pics:

Got the Cosmode partially bc Fate/Zero was on the cover! I loved Rrider in the anime and LOLed at the RL cosplay Caster. Also, KERA, BeBoy GOLD, Rilakkuma memo pad, Heartbroken Chocolatier vol.04
Do you know about Guilt | Pleasure? This is a BL group that does yaoi manga. It consists of Jo Chen/TogaQ (one of my favorite artists of all time! Check out her Buffy comic cover illustrations!) and Kichiku Neko (writer). You have to show your ID in order to buy BL/yaoi manga magazines since they're 18+! Otherwise, stick to buying your guy on guy manga online...

Forever 21 earrings & necklace, Little Stars memo pad, Hello Kitty mech pencil, Pikachu mask, Nerunerunerune, cookie cutters with stamps, Rilakkuma ReMent, Lucky Stick

Opening the ReMent! Gonna try making that series out of polymer clay!

A self-portrait of me~ Jk the mask is kinda creepy on an older person

Who's wearing the pikachu mask??? 
PIKACHU!!! /inception

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