Luna Bowtique Review~

I'm back from a week of vacation in Austin, TX! I had a lot of fun visiting my grandma and eating pho and other Vietnamese food with my mom's friends. It's really weird going around the city since the gas stations are always different in various parts of the USA and that HEBs populate every surrounding area instead of Walmarts! I love the fact that Asian food is easier to find there. I stuck out like a sore thumb with my midwestern accent!!! I don't travel by plane much so getting past security and barely boarding our flight on time on the way back was a challenge! (ps use fastpass parking to save money when going on trips!)

Boy, I was super happy to get some packages in the mail~

Hello Kitty swap from!!! We sent $4+ worth of HK stuff to one partner! It was my first package swap so I hope everything got to my partner in Argentina... idk how long mail takes to get there!

My next package was from Luna Bowtique, a bow store! I actually didn't buy a bow but instead went for the Swimmer Alpaca comb/mirror~ I am so obsessed with alpaca right now! They also had a deal that if you spent a certain amount of money, you got a free bow! Make sure to visit their tumblr for promotions, updates, and customer photos~

Added some cute deco tape to outer package~ 
Ooh, extras!!!

I'm guessing they bought it directly from Swimmer bc just look at that SUPER CUTE sticker!!!

The heart sticker is PRECIOUS!!! 
All of my items~ Loved the extra memo sheets!

Up close and personal! Please visit my alpaca blog: for more cute pics!
I would rate this a 5/5 for easy online shopping, good communication, EXTRAS, and quick shipping in USA. I would buy from this seller again (if I wore bows that often! Thanks for selling this hard-to-find item!)


  1. Oh my!!! i could kill for your Hello Kitty teeth brush!! *_______*

    All your stuff are like jfsdkljfksldjf!!!

    I love them!! lucky girl.

    1. Thanks for the kind comment! The person who swapped with me told me that Janet's Store is another good place to get kawaii stuff!