Arpakasso Review

Wow, what a hectic week~ I just finished finals today and moved out of my dorm. Therefore, I got to open a package that came in the mail!

ARPAKASSO!!! ワーイ♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/ワーイ♪

✧ What are they? ✧  
They are the latest cute trend of stuffed animals coming from Japan. Arpakasso, alpacasso, or アルパカッソ are also known as alpaca plushies. You know that anyone who owns one loves cute things~ They can be found in Japan in UFO machines and I guess it might be tough to pick them with a claw if you have no coordination skills like me. Luckily, it's been popular enough that they are found on ebay or individual sellers.
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✧ Where can I buy them? ✧
My first purchase was from a website that bulk ordered them from Japan, but it shut down due to people not paying and screwing the owner out of her money. >_< Luckily, I chanced upon a nice seller on ebay after searching for "arpakasso" on the website. You could also try buying from but I have no experience with shipping services...

Sites to buy from:

*added to list on 11/23/12

✧ Review ✧
I got three 11cm Arpakasso keyring toy (lace brown, lace white, purple). They arrived within a few weeks of payment (ships from Hong Kong). pink*juicy12 is very nice and she reminded me that I could get another one with total shipping to be only $3.50?! And each arpakasso was only $10, which I thought was a good deal. She told me that she only started selling around late March 2012. It came with a free gift of Hello Kitty stickers and was nicely packaged in cute bags. I would buy from this seller again! Rating: ★★★★★

Items right out of the bubble mailer

I took the Hello Kitty stickers out of the black HK wrapping

This one didn't come with a tag (as in the listing picture) But still cute nonetheless~

I spy someone sneaking into the pic~
私のかわいいアルパカッソの家族 (my cute arpakasso family~)
PS I am going to open up an etsy store to sell some of the decoden rings that I've made! (see previous posts for pics) I'll update soon when I have opened it up!

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