Miniature Sweet Review ♥♥♥

Okay, so this is a double youtube and blog review!

Miniature Sweet is a Hong Kong based Etsy shop that supplies "craft materials mainly for miniature food and clay art. [Their] products include clays, molds, polymer clay cane, rhinestones, cabochons, coloring materials, tools and more." Their air dry clay selection seems pretty good with alternative transparent clay instead of Sukerukun (I've only bought their Daiso clay, which I will be using this weekend!) They also sell statement big cabochons, like those huge Hello Kitty with bodies that take up a whole cell phone. I bought their rhinestone mix previously to deco my old phone (and ended up decorating my new one).

Okay, I had put away the free gift (canes) by the time I took this pic and I wanted to show off the
My Melody pez that I got when I visited Baltimore during spring break for a service trip~

This bow is really big! O_O

If you compare with the picture below, there was no big strawberry that I wanted :(

Although they included Coach cabochons, I was slightly disappointed with this mix.


  • FREE gift with order
  • nice variety of supplies and cabochons
  • also has a lot of molds!!!
  • decent prices
  • no tracking (under $30) unless you want to pay $2.95 extra
  • long shipping time (ships from Hong Kong)
I am satisfied with my order because my main concern was the heart biscuit mold and the huge pink ribbon cabochon (the mixes were personal add-ons hoping that I would be super lucky)

You can visit for more info~


  1. I just got my order from them yesterday, and wrote my honest feedbacks of the order.. from 6 items that I order, I left 3 positives, 2 neutral, and 1 negative. Those were my honest responses.. Really. But then they message me that they might reject my future orders if I give too many neutral/negatives feedback @@ does that happen to you to?

    1. It's their right to refuse to sell to you if you constantly give bad reviews, even though it's honest. Nobody wants a lot of bad reviews on their shop, right? My experiences with them were positive so far and I read the description carefully before ordering since sometimes the quantity of the item doesn't match the amount in the stock picture like rhinestones or canes.

      You could always *not* leave a review if you were unsatisfied. If you were really unhappy like a big cabochon didn't match the picture and it was like C-grade instead of A-grade as promised, you could try PMing the shop before leaving a negative review to see if you could get a refund. They wrote in their policies, "Exchange / resend is accepted for damaged item during shipment. Please contact us within 1 week after you got the parcel and send us the picture(s) of the damaged item(s)."

      Good luck on future purchases!!!