Decoden Calculator (Decoden Update #4)

So I'm watching Sherlock BBC on PBS as I type up this post. May I say that this was one of my favorite episodes of the second series (The Hounds of Baskerville)? "I DON'T HAVE FRIENDS!" exclaims Sherlock. Also, I heard for the PBS broadcast, they had to cut like 8 minutes from the original broadcast (at least I saw it when it aired on BBC online so I didn't miss any of the jokes) Totally the opposite of a kawaii show, but that's why I watch Shirokuma Cafe and Tsuritama~

BTW, I made my basic TI-84 calculator into something cute by decodening it!

Made with air-dry clay, Alex DAP silicone, cold porcelain clay,
polymer clay, cabochons, rhinestones, pearls, and puffy paint
Kinda went overboard with decorations~
The cat, blue heart, rhinestones, and pearls were the only non-handmade items!
Why did I decoden my calculator? It's because I'm taking Stats this summer.
I haven't taken a math class since AP Calculus AB...
(ps, I will update this blog first before cross-posting on tumblr and include more pics here)

*edit 5.14.12* WIP pics!

I used Oyumaru (bought on etsy, but you can also get it at Daiso)
to make these molds and the cabochons look great! Baking them later~
I'm in the mood for cupcakes~

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