Decoden Update #3

Hello! Finals week is coming up and I'll be busy, but here are some in-progress pics and ARPAKASSO!!! I made another batch of cold porcelain, but I added too much glue this time, so trying to put it into molds didn't work as well (aka I couldn't pop it out after a few hours). Everything is decorated on the coffee table in the living room or drying as *NEW* rings in my room. Also, the reason that I was home tonight was to make brownies for my VSA (Vietnamese Student Association) end-of-year picnic tomorrow~

I was thinking of setting up an Etsy store to sell the rings that I've made (I would make charms, but I don't have eye-pins yet). Also, I bought an iphone 4G case to try to deco and sell this summer!

Used extra Whipple cream to make the frosting on the cupcakes!

Hello Arpakasso? (photoshop TO THE MAX for brightness)

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