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You should definitely enter this kawaii giveaway! It ends on May 15, 2012 so don't delay!
 PS I found some inspiration at one of the work computers~
These are only available in Japan, which is a place where you can buy kawaii things at the 100 yen store (compared to living in the US, where cute things are harder to find at a good price). Also, these probably wouldn't be found in 100 yen stores but definitely on Rakuten!
US buyers: Amazon or JetPens (buy in bulk if you're decoing)

PPS I was going over sleep in Pathophysiology tutoring when my tutor mentioned that there's an iPhone app that tells you when you should wake up? Apparently, if you wake up during Stage 1 or 2 sleep instead of Stage 4 or REM, you'll feel more refreshed. It's supposed to monitor your movement when you sleep, like in your deeper stages of sleep, you don't move around as much! According to another tutor who speaks like five languages, studying International Business, and sleeps like five hours, IT WORKS! I haven't tried it yet, but tell me if it does in the comments! :D

Buy it here or if you're cheap like me, use

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