My decoden phone case!

Yesterday, I went to the mall and saw some very unimpressive decoden cases (the kira kira deco kind). Maybe because I often see these at the cell phone case booths and don't realize how much hard effort is put into making one (at a factory probably). So from 11pm to 4am, I made my first decoden cell phone case!

Finally just sat down and made it! I thought it looks nicer than anything selling in stores~

If you want the glittery version:

Glitter Photos

I already had bought the case in order to deco it and had a cell phone kit from Miniature Sweet (great etsy seller since you get free gifts!) It would be listed if you search "rhinestone mix." I had plenty of rhinestones and 2 medium heart rhinestones left over, so the rhinestone kit is probably enough for a Droid?

Also, I found another blogmura with Kira Kira Deco! I have been focusing way too much on sweets deco instead... (a blogmura is a Japanese "blog village" that ranks sites according to their interest!)

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